Ready To Stitch Sale

The ready-to-stitch notebooks will be stocked at noon EST on Thursday, September 9 and noon EST on Saturday, September 11! Only one of each listing will be available! Orders can be combined - leave note COMBINE with your order number at checkout!

Welcome to the Ready To Stitch Sale! These notebooks are rated on various qualities for quick digesting and decisions:

- Color: Will be described as accurately as possible.
- Leather Type: Sanded suede, pull-up (Chrome-tanned leather that distributes oils when pulled from the back side), bag leather (a stiffer and less oily leather typically used in bags), vegetable tanned (will take on color and markings easily), Basketball (basketball print)
- Temper: The floppiness of a leather, this will range from soft, to medium, to stiff. Soft is the floppiest and squishiest, medium is a normal temper, and stiff will be the sturdiest.
- Thickness: Thin (1-2oz thickness - think Gemstones), Medium (2-4oz thickness - think Sable and Catalina), Thick (4-6oz thickness - think Seafoam and Cobalt)
- Distinct Markings: If the leather has any large distinct markings, they'll be placed here. Not all markings will be listed.

All photos will be shown as outside, inside.

These notebooks have all already been cut and cannot have any other customizations added than stitching and elastics. All notebooks will show wear and tear with time, but different leathers will show more based on their type. Single-sized notebooks will not be stitched.

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