See below for any questions you may have about North Branch or your order. For any questions not below, please reach out to info@northbranchshop.com.

Shipping/Turn Around Time

How long is your turn around time and when can I expect to get my order?
Orders are processed in the order they are received. We only offer a limited number of products available as we believe we can handle in a reasonable turn around time. Since each product is custom and hand made, the turn around time is higher than usual. Your order will ship within 30 business days, but could be considerably shorter depending on volume. We're keeping the time high as a new shop and hope to reduce this over time.

What services do you use to ship?
All items are shipped priority through USPS for insurance purposes, just in case.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We apologize in advance for the price, but want to ensure that your product is delivered safely, in a timely manner.

My order was lost or stolen, what should I do?
Email us at info@northbranchshop.com, and we will open a claim with USPS to work to get your order figured out, however, North Branch is not responsible for packages after they've been accepted by USPS.

I entered the wrong address/have some other issue with my order, help?
Email us at info@northbranchshop.com. We cannot redirect a package once it's been dropped off with USPS, so please email us as soon as possible.

Orders, Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

I got the wrong item, what should I do?
Email us at info@northbranchshop.com and we'll work it out! Please contact us as soon as possible, or after five business days of delivery, we may not be able to help.

Can I change an order once I've made it?
If an order hasn't started being processed, changes to size, pockets and loops can be made along with elastic color and stitching color one time after the order is made before processing. However, the type of leather cannot be changed. We stock based on how many notebooks we believe we can make out of each hide and will not change the leather choice after an order is made. If you're speedy when we open, we may have started cutting your leather and processing your order, in which case we would not be able to make changes to your order.

I'm not happy with my color combination and I'd like to return or exchange it.
North Branch does not take returns or exchanges for undamaged products or minor cosmetic flaws — if you change your mind on your combo, please head to a Buy, Sell, Trade forum on Facebook and see if someone else will fall in love with it!

Note: All products are made from real, high quality leather and may show small imperfections! Variations in stitching are normal, although North Branch strives for uniformity, there may be a stitch that doesn't line up exactly. These are all products of being a hand made product from natural leather.

Leather and Care Questions

How should I clean and care for my leather?
If taken care of, leather will naturally last a long time. If your notebook becomes dirty on the exterior, a little warm water and Fiebling's Glycerine Saddle Soap applied with a clean and smooth rag are our recommendations. On the interior (the suede-y side) a little warm water and a clean and smooth rag should do the trick. If your leather is looking a little dull or worn, we recommend conditioning the leather with a small amount of Neatsfoot Oil on a dry cloth and rubbing in circles and letting sit overnight out of direct sunlight. Note that conditioning may darken the leather.

What should I do if my stitches become loose?
Email us with photos at info@northbranchshop.com — we'll give you recommendations and if needed, fix the stitching for a small fee. Note that stitching is normally done in one long thread, so please do not pull or rip out any pockets or pen loops — you may do more harm than good.

Can I switch out the elastics on my notebook?
Yes! Feel free to switch out elastics as you'd like. We order 2mm elastics from Illustring on Etsy, and two to three yards should be more than enough to restring your notebook.

Other Questions —How, Customs, Coupons?

How do you make your notebooks?
Once we get your order in we cut the notebook and bevel the edges. The notebook is then glued together with leather glue to ensure everything stays in place for punching. The notebook is then hand punched and saddle stitched using recommendations by Ian Atkinson (check him out on YouTube if you're interested in learning about leathercrafting!). After that, we burnish the edges, strap the notebook and package it up to be on its way to you.

Do you offer bulk orders and discounts on bulk orders?
Yes! Please email elizabeth@northbranchshop.com. Discounts vary depending on order size.

Do you have a coupon?
Sure! Join our Facebook group to get a coupon off your first order.